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Financial Analyst. Bookkeeper. Xero-certified advisor. BAS agent. Systems expert.

Hi, I’m Ramai MacDonald.

I'm passionate about helping online entrepreneurs and small business owners grow better businesses.

Whether you’re looking for bookkeeping support to free up your time, or higher-level financial analysis and strategy to propel your business forward, my mission is to:

Take the stress out of managing your money, and;

Ensure that you’re building a financially healthy business for the long-term.

In my former life, I worked as a corporate management accountant, running the numbers daily on a billion-dollar venture.


How can I help your business?

Regardless of the stage of business you’re in, if you’re ready to up your money management game — I’m here to help.

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Cashflow Management
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Transaction Processing
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Payroll Assistance
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What my clients are saying

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"We engaged Ramai approximately six months ago when we were looking for someone to provide full in-depth analysis of our business financials.

Our main focus initially was to get our accounting data up to date, which then allowed for Ramai to begin modelling our 12 month budget. Using API’s, he extracted the relevant data from a variety of software systems we use in house, which then allowed him to determine our fixed costs and most importantly — our cost of sales for undertaking our client jobs.

In addition to this, we have utilised Ramai’s technical skills to implement a number of software solutions to streamline our processes, which in turn have dramatically increased our productivity and reduced staffing overheads.

We are blown away with the positive impact Ramai has had on our business. He's indispensable."


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“Ramai is not just a wonderful bookkeeper, he’s a wonderful person. And in the world of online entrepreneurship and the stress that can sometimes come with dealing with figures, reconciliations, numerous accounts, BAS and so much more — that’s really important. His knowledge of Xero as a platform is unsurpassed from anyone we have ever worked with, and he supports us in managing the numerous streams of our business with ease, grace and a sprinkle of humour too.

Ramai is an integral part of our team. We couldn’t help our clients and partners the way we do without him. If you are thinking of upgrading to work with a bookkeeper or engage in any offering Ramai is sharing to the world – jump in. He will help you manage your money, finances, and entire business in a way that flows and allows you to create more of the precious time you need to do your real work. You will never regret having Ramai and his numbers knowledge on your team."


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Ramai has been a godsend. After a couple of terrible experiences with book-keepers I was hesitant to outsource my bookkeeping, but I also knew I was not an expert and likely making lots of mistakes! He really knows his stuff when it comes to bookkeeping and business finances, especially in the online business world. You will feel very safe in Ramai's capable hands.”


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“We enlisted Ramai’s services because our bookkeeper at the time was taking up a lot of our time with queries and we thought we needed someone in house to make this part of our business less stressful and time consuming. Our business has been growing quickly, but the time we spend on our books has reduced dramatically! Ramai has helped simplify our process to create an easy, efficient, paperless and scalable solution to something that was once a real headache so we can focus more on growing our business.

No matter where you’re at with your business, Ramai is an absolute asset to you moving forward. Whether it’s straight up bookkeeping, setting up smarter systems, simplifying your processes, starting out in payroll or looking for real time financial data on your business, Ramai has the expertise and a progressive mindset that will instantly make him a valuable member of your team. Ramai has a wealth of knowledge, a high attention to detail and an obvious passion for what he does. He’s the perfect person to work with and learn from."


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It’s been such a relief to (finally) have someone help me uplevel my business finances and get all my money stuff sorted. Prior to working with Ramai, I kept track of things via a precarious arrangement of spreadsheets, folders, emails, Post-its, and a stuffed-to-the-brim drawer full of receipts — not exactly a reliable method of money management! But right from the start, Ramai helped me set up the systems I needed to get organised, track things properly, and ‘go pro’.

From the small stuff (who knew there was a better way to keep receipts than my jammed-in-a-drawer solution?!) through to the big stuff (not only setting up my entire Xero account, but showing me step-by-step how to work all the different aspects for myself), it’s been so empowering to know that I’m on top of all my finances and that my systems can expand and grow as my business does.

Ramai is whip-smart, thorough, details oriented, and brilliant at explaining things to a complete newbie. It’s been such a pleasure working with him and I’m so stoked to have him on my team!


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